Revealed the main disadvantage of AirPods Pro headphones


iFixit company conducted another test of a new model of headphones from Apple.

The final result is 0 points as an opportunity to repair the device in the event of a breakdown. The main factors of this conclusion were the lack of replaceable components and a complex non-modular design, where all the elements are simply glued together. Thus, the feasibility of repair “came to naught.”

AirPods Pro

Some users call the design features of AirPods Pro degradation, and in this they are undoubtedly right. Their market value is close to $250, which is significant in comparison with competitors’ devices. Therefore, the possibility of repair should be even in a logical manner. However, Apple provides free battery disposal, instead of being able to repair them. Or, as an alternative, take part in “battery maintenance” for $49. What does this “fifty dollars” pay for each headphone.

AirPods Pro

Speaking about previous versions of AirPods, they were also unusable and fairly rated by iFixit at 0 points. There is no point in arguing about stability in this regard. We analyze the technological features of the product in more detail.

The power is provided by a round-shaped battery, similar to those installed in the watch. Apple decided that soldering it to the case is a must. A trivial replacement of the battery in this way becomes impossible. If we compare competitors’ headphones, such as Samsung Galaxy Buds, the battery there is not fixed by solder. Moreover, a contact wire was soldered to the battery to significantly complicate the repair process.

The general conclusion of the experts was the following: AirPods Pro headphones are a one-time product. In the presence of some breakdowns, a complete replacement will follow, not its spare parts. Quite a strange position of Apple, but this is a fact that has to be put up with.

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