Popular messenger caught espionage


Experts found that the popular ToTok messaging application in some countries of the world turned out to be a spy tool. Apple and Google removed it from their stores.

UAE special services use ToTok to track the correspondence and conversations of those who use this messenger, and also collects various data and passes them on for further analysis and systematization.

The messenger monitors all user conversations, movements and meetings, and also gets access to the microphone and images in the gallery. Most ToTok users are in the UAE, but in recent months it has begun to be popular in the United States and the Middle East.

Jamf, a cyber security specialist who specializes in Apple operating systems, and former US National Security Agency employee Patrick Wardle found out that ToTok was developed not from scratch, but based on the Chinese YeeCall messenger. It was released in late July and received mostly positive reviews.


According to The New York Times, Breej Holding, which created ToTok, is affiliated with the DarkMatter organization from Abu Dhabi, which specializes in cyber security and hacking. It is known that UAE intelligence officers and former employees of the National Security and Military Intelligence Agency of Israel work in it.

Despite the fact that the ToTok messenger was removed from the App Store and Play Store, it is still distributed through unofficial application stores and remained on users’ devices, that is, it continues to work and spy on its victims.

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