Large selection of promotional offers for sale of 11.11 on AliExpress


One of the largest sales started on AliExpress and Tmall, dedicated to the Chinese “Bachelor’s Day” 11.11.

Prices for many products have been reduced. In addition, you can use additional coupons that make purchases even more profitable.

Promotional codes that are valid for only 1 hour – from 11:00 to 12:00:

MEGASALE100, PREZENTY100 and 100LAST$20 off (from $100)
MEGASALE50, PREZENTY50 and LAST50$10 off (from $50)

Promotional codes without time limit (many of them will end in the first minutes of the sale):

ALI1111SALE11$30 off (from $90)
MUST20$20 off (from $80)
ILOVEAE20$20 off (from $200)
EXCLUSIVE112019$10 off (from $100)
BERUBY30$30 off (from $150)
ALIBIG50$10 off (from $50)
ALISALE1111$5 off (from $50)
ALI1111EX$5 off (from $50)
BACKIT11$8 off (from $60)
BIGSALE11$30 off (from $120)
AESD1111$10 off (from $70)
POST1111$3 off (from $25)
ALIOFERTY50$7 off (from $50)
ALISALE1111$5 off (from $50)
ALISALE10$10 off (from $100)
BACKITNEWWALL11$4 off (from $5) (new accounts only)
BACKITNEW11$4 off (from $5) (new accounts only)
KAPUSTANEW11$4 off (from $5) (New Account Only)
TTSD4$4 off (from $5) (New Account Only)

Fresh promotional codes:

BUY1111$7 off (from $50)
ILOVEAE20$20 off (from $200)
ALISALE10$10 off (from $100)
ALIDO11$8 off (from $100)
EPNSALE11$8 off (from $60)
ALI1111EX$5 off (from $50)
AESD11$3 off (from $30)
SGGR453AEND$3 off (from $25)