How to set up gestures on AirPods Pro


Unlike conventional AirPods, their Pro version is equipped with innovative force sensors located in the stem of each of the headphones. By default, if you squeeze the stem of any headphone, you will switch the headphone between Transparent mode and noise reduction. However, if you wish, you can configure other actions – for example, calling Siri.

First, make sure your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 13.2 or later — otherwise, AirPods Pro will work like regular Bluetooth headphones. After that, connect them in the standard way, then go to Settings > Bluetooth and click on the circled “i” icon in front of them:

gestures on AirPods Pro

In the “Press and Hold AirPods” section, you can separately configure actions with each earphone:

gestures on AirPods Pro

Of the currently available actions, you can call Siri, enable or disable noise reduction and Transparent mode.

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