How To Approach A Girl In The Street? 4 of Council


Saw an attractive girl, but are afraid that she will refuse to meet? In vain. If you follow certain rules, then acquaintance with any free beauty will be doomed to success. How to get acquainted with the girls – told us a professional coach seduction.

1️⃣ Remember that meet on clothes

The first thing a girl sees is, of course, your appearance. It is not necessary to be Apollo. But be sure to be well-groomed and tidy.

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2️⃣ Find a nice place to meet.

The first meeting place is an important part of your impression of you. Therefore, you should not approach the girls in the alleyways or dirty underground passages. The likelihood of a successful acquaintance is much higher in pretty streets, near elegant shop windows, in cozy cafes and green parks.

3️⃣ Engage the girl in a dialogue with a question

It’s best to get started with a question. This allows you to immediately draw the girl into the dialogue. Moreover, we are all used to questions from strangers and are not afraid when we hear them. For example, everyone is often asked how to get somewhere, where to find the right institution, etc. But it’s better that the question is original. He attracted attention, the girls became interested, while they sincerely wanted to help! You can also ask a question in any foreign language. For example, ask a question in Italian. When a girl is surprised, tell her that she seemed Italian to you thanks to her luxurious dark hair.


In no case do not ask the girl a question: “Can I meet you?” He transfers the responsibility for meeting a man to a woman. And not one of the fairer sex is needed. When girls list what qualities they want to see in men, they always (!) Place responsibility first.

4️⃣ The main thing is to be confident

If you are unsure of yourself, then none of the above tips will work. This is the minimum that should be for everyone who counts on a successful acquaintance. You must be sure that you need this acquaintance, that you like this particular girl. And this confidence should be shown in every word and even gesture – you can’t close your hands, hide your eyes, pull your nose … You also can’t categorically mumble, be shy to ask questions, and be slow.

By the way, if the girl agreed to an acquaintance, you need to make her first date as soon as possible. As they say, strike the iron while it’s hot! Because it’s now that a new acquaintance has a liking or interest in you, and only a little later she may begin to doubt.

We wish you all a pleasant meeting!

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