Ferrari will release its first electric car, but will have to wait


The Italian manufacturer of supercars Ferrari does not want to switch to electricity, but the company’s CEO said that in the end they will do it after 2025, if they still exist.

Earlier, Ferrari representatives made high-profile statements that, in their opinion, switching to electricity so far makes too little sense in the production of supercars. The company’s general manager, Louis Camilleri, confirmed this position to reporters at a factory in Maranello this week: “Battery technology is not where it should be.”

Camilleri also said that a fully-electrified Ferrari would not go on sale until 2025: “There are significant problems in terms of autonomy and reload speed. In the end, we will release the first electric car, but this will happen after 2025. Not in the short term.”

The Italian manufacturer is very far behind in electrification issues compared to other companies that aim to ensure that by 2025 from 25% to 50% of sales belong to electric vehicles.