Facebook secretly turns on the camera on the iPhone: bug or snooping?

Facebook social network user Joshua Maddux said that the iPhone version of the application can activate the device’s camera. He talked about this on his page on Twitter.

Joshua discovered a bug while scrolling through a news feed. He found an error after viewing the image in full screen. When you close the picture, the camera image appears on the left side of the screen. Madyuks emphasizes, he checked the detected bug on five devices with iOS 13.2.2. All tested devices had the same issue. The only exception was the iPhone with iOS 12 on board.

The Next Web site claims that the application starts the camera only if the user has granted permission to use it. In all other cases, the operating system blocks any attempts by Facebook to launch the camera.

TNW reporters also noted that on Android this problem is absent. Users can withdraw Facebook’s permission to use the camera in case of fear of personal data leakage.